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Live chat and Google Analytics integration

即时聊天与 Google Analytics 集成让您能够在 GA 报告中查看“在线客服系统”加载次数。 还能让您跟踪发起的聊天数以及作为事件发送的离线消息数。


在线客服系统加载次数位于 GA 报告的 Real-Time / ContentBehavior / Site Content 部分中,网址为:/messenger/your-account-hash.html/messenger/your-account-name.html

即时聊天 Analytics 事件

会有两种类型的事件推送至您的 Google Analytics 帐户:

  • Chat Started - 访客填写预聊天表单并单击“开始聊天”按钮(例如加载聊天室)时将推送此事件
  • Offline Message Sent - 访客发送离线消息时将推送此事件

在您的 Google Analytics 报告中,您将在 Real-Time / Events 部分和 Behavior / Events 部分中看到已推送的事件,这些事件会按照日期排序。


  1. 登录您的 Provide Support 帐户控制面板,然后导航至 帐户设置 / Analytics 页面
  2. 将您的 GA 跟踪 ID 输入至 Google Analytics Tracking ID 字段
  3. 或者,为 Chat Started 和 Offline Message Sent 事件定义您自己的 CategoryActionLabel 名称
  4. 保存您的设置

You may want to see traffic sources for visitors who initiated chats. This means that you would need to set up cross-domain tracking in your GA property as visitors are moving from your domain to chat window domain and backwards. We've already done everything possible from our side to make this working. But one adjustment can be done from your side only: you need to add your own domain and our domain to referral traffic exclusions in your GA property settings

Please use the following instruction to exclude domains from referral traffic:

If you use direct link to chat, you will need to pass _ga cookie value from your website to chat window. For this just add the cookie name and value to direct chat link as a parameter.