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The process of live chat and X-Cart integration is quite simple and requires adding live chat button code to your website front page, Please follow the below steps to proceed with integration:

  1. Get your Provide Support Live Chat Button Code. You can do this on the My Account / Chat Button Codes page, where you need to click 'Fully Featured Chat Button Code with Uploadable Online / Offline Images' and copy the code.
  2. Now log into your X-Cart admin and follow Content / Front Page to add the code to your website front page
  3. You'd need to click "code view" icon there and insert the code you generated in the Provide Support account Control Panel.
  4. After you have inserted the code, click 'Update' button and save changes

What's next?

You have successfully added the code, now check these tips & tricks which will help you to customize your live chat tool and start offering live chat assistance to your website visitors:

  • Check available live chat icons in our gallery and choose any set or upload your custom ones on the Account Settings / Images page
  • Customize your Pre-chat and Offline forms on Account Settings / Pre-chat Survey and Account Settings / Offline Form pages
  • Add departments and edit your operator profiles on the My Account / Operators and Departments page
  • Create predefined responses for your representatives on the My Account / Canned Responses page
  • Download and install the operator console then log into it with your operator credentials to appear online
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