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Provide Support Live Chat can be easily integrated with PinnacleCart. The chat button code can be added through PinnacleCart Snippets tool, which is used for adding Javascript or CSS elements.

  1. To start with integration, please get the code for your live chat button. You can do this on My Account / Chat Button Codes page in your Provide Support account Control Panel. Choose there 'Fully Featured Chat Button Code with Uploadable Online / Offline Images' and copy it
  2. Now follow Front-End / Snippets menu
  3. Click "Add Snippet" button
  4. Now specify snippet name, for example "Live chat"
  5. Set priority of script loading
  6. Select language as "Javascript"
  7. Define placement position. We recommend adding the chat button code to the footer
  8. In the "Location" section select types of pages where you would like to have your chat button displayed. If you want it to appear on all your website pages, you should select there "All" menu item Screenshot of PinnacleCard snippet settings
  9. Save changes
  10. After saving changes the chat button will appear on your website and the live chat snippet will appear in the snippets list of PinnacleCart

Useful Tips & Tricks

  • If you would like to change your live chat button position, you can easily do this in your account Control Panel on the Account Settings / Live Chat Window page.
  • It is very easy to change your live chat button image – follow to Account Settings / Live Chat Window page in your Provide Support account Control Panel and choose there the set of images you prefer or upload your custom ones.
  • To start assisting your website visitors download and install the agent app, then log into it using your agent credentials. We offer mobile live chat console versions so that you could stay always available to your customers and assist them wherever you are.
  • Upload your agents' pictures and configure their permission roles on My Account / Operators and Departments page in your Provide Support account Control Panel.
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