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新闻 2020

Draw visitors' attention to your chat

Sometimes website visitors don't notice a live chat button or just don't know what it is for. With our new Eye Catcher feature you can help them to see the button, explain its purpose, and encourage visitors to contact your customer support team.

Eye Catcher is disabled by default. You can enable it in your account Control Panel, Account Settings / Eye Catcher page. Tuning up the settings, you can make Eye Catcher more or less obtrusive.

Make sure to switch your chat window to the modern one if you wish to use Eye Catcher as it is not supposed to work with our classic chat window.

September 14, 2020

Make your live chat even more safe - decide which file types can be transferred via chat

Both your chat agents and visitors can transfer files via chat if this option is enabled in your account. Unfortunately sometimes this option is used by visitors to send malicious files that can harm agents' computers. The solution is to limit file types allowed for transferring.

We offer the following options:

  • Transfer image files only - use it to allow only images and screenshots transfer
  • Block unsafe files - use it to block executables and scripts. Additionally, you can block archives and MS/Libre Office files that can contain executable content
  • Transfer all files - use it if you are sure that your agents know how to deal with malicious files threat

File transfer limitation works for both visitors and agents.

August 20, 2020

Provide Support Live Chat app for Shopify has been released!

Welcome an effortless live chat integration solution for Shopify stores! Just install the app on your store and connect it to your existing Provide Support account or create a new one.

Get Provide Support Live Chat app for Shopify in app store.

June 13, 2020

Manage sound notifications in web chat agent app

Sound notification options in web operator console

Use the new Settings block in modern web chat agent to enable or disable sound notifications on certain events:

  • Incoming chat request
  • New message in chat
  • New visitor entered the website

Modern chat agent app is available at

June 10, 2020

Desktop Live Chat Agent App release 6.0.4

Snipping Tool to make screenshots right from the app added. Your agents can now make a screenshot and either send it to chat or copy to the system clipboard.

Sending images from the system clipboard added. If your agents prefer to use third party snipping tools, they can make and edit a screenshot with any tool they like and then just paste it to a chat using the toolbar button.

Get the new Chat Agent App build right now!

May 23, 2020

Automatic chat start is now available for modern chat window

If you have Skip Pre-chat survey option enabled and want to make jumping into chat as easy as a click, use Start chat immediately after chat window load option.

With this option enabled, a chat will start automatically as soon as your visitor loads the chat window.

Please be careful as such unexpected chat start may seem annoying for some visitors.

The option is available on Account Settings / Pre-chat Survey page.

May 22, 2020

Skipping Pre-chat survey is now possible for modern chat window

Sometimes there is nothing to ask from a customer before starting a chat. The best option in such cases is to omit Pre-chat survey and let the visitor jump into a chat right away.

When Skip Pre-chat survey option is enabled, your visitors will see a chat form after clicking online chat button on your website. Once they send the first message, the real chat will start and reach your agents.

Try the new option on Account Settings / Pre-chat Survey page.

May 3, 2020


Updated desktop chat agent app


  • 此新版本对连接问题更敏感,并尝试快速修复
  • 图片预览现在在聊天文本中可用
  • 应用程序语言可以从工具栏中切换



Redesigned web chat agent app



  • 多个聊天处理
  • 预制回复
  • 使用媒体文件预览进行文件传输
  • 操作员之间的聊天和聊天转移
  • 网站实时监控
  • 主动式聊天邀请

网页在线聊天应用是我们公司发布的第一款代理应用,我们很高兴为您提供其重新设计的新版本。可从 获得




Online presence monitoring feature has been released





Live Chat Statistics app has been pre-released by Provide Support


我们新的在线Live Chat Statistics app聊天统计应用程序提供对所有提及指标的访问,并允许每个操作员/部门或整个公司检查这些指标。还有很多其他有用的聊天统计数据。



新Pure JavaScript聊天按钮代码现在可用


JavaScript聊天按钮代码就派上了用场。它可以很容易地添加到几乎任何CMS,电子商务平台或标签管理器。您可以在帐户控制面板的Pure JavaScript聊天按钮代码页中获取代码。




Provide Support是在线服务系统