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Live Chat Statistics API library was implemented for those who want to create their own statistics dashboard and import there live chat statistics gathered by Provide Support. Such a dashboard can be a great tool to motivate your customer service team. You can choose which data to show, how to process and visualize it. At the same time you don't have to provide access to the complete statistics to your employees.

The stats API library is built as a UMD module and can be loaded from the following URL: The library uses JSONP technique to return the statistics data.

Detailed information about the library features and usage is available in its readme on Github.

If you wish to dig into the stats API library source code and adjust it to better fit your needs, you can fork its repository on Github.

Live chat stats API methods

With help of statistics API, you can get various data, both summarized and detailed, for specified time period. We offer a set of methods that provide you with an overall picture of what happens in your customer support. All these methods have substring summary in their names:

  • Account summary - a set of stats metrics that illustrate your live chat usage and popularity among customers as well as your support team efficiency
  • Operators' summary - overview of each live chat agent performance
  • Departments' summary - overview of each department performance (if you offer department selection on the pre-chat form)
  • Summarized information about incoming and proactive chats, pre-chat survey and offline form usage, customers' feedback
  • Summarized information about your website traffic and referrers, and also about live chat referring pages

Another set of methods allow you to see the same information on a timeline - distributed by hours, days, months. All these methods have substring timeline in their names. With help of timeline methods you can visualize the live chat usage depending on the time of the day, day of the week, season, etc. You can see when your support team is understaffed or overstaffed, when your customers more or less active. Timeline methods are available for:

  • The whole company
  • Live chat operators (agents)
  • Departments
  • Website traffic and referrers
  • Chat referring pages

The third set of methods provide timeline information for specific chat statistics metrics. For example, you can request just the number of pre-chat survey loads, or the number of missed chat requests by company, agent or department, or even total and average number of visitors' messages per chat.

Live chat statistics API allows you to get statistics data and visualize it on your dashboard, build graphics and reports which will highlight your customer support team strengths and flaws and help to find the room for improvement.

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