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Canned responses editing in the chat agent app

The long awaited canned responses editing feature was added in this version. Agents can now add, change or delete their personal canned responses:

  • A new canned response can be created from a chat message - just right click it and choose 'Save this message as canned response' option 代理应用程序中的黑暗/光明模式开关
  • Canned responses window has now a form to create a new canned response or update an existing one. The form can be hidden if not needed right now 代理应用程序中的黑暗/光明模式开关
  • Agents' canned responses in sidebar and in Canned Responses window have now 'Update' and 'Delete' options.
    Note! We will ask for a confirmation before deleting any response! 代理应用程序中的黑暗/光明模式开关
  • When managing canned responses, agents can group them. Learn more about canned responses grouping in our user manual. 代理应用程序中的黑暗/光明模式开关

Note! Company and department-level canned responses remain intact and can be changed from the account admin panel only.


  • Message input field toolbar improved: buttons are now bigger and easier to click
  • An ability to remember an active tab and open it after the app restart was added