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Promotional products

We’ve rarely had to rely on customer support, because the product is rock solid, but in the rare instances that we have, Provide Support has been great to work with. From billing questions to technical support, their customer support team has always been readily available. This is a perfect fit for us because we want to provide those very same things to our customers.

Bret Bonnet

Quality Logo Products are experts in the field of promotional products selling personalized items like pens, stress balls, sports bottles etc. imprinted with a client’s logo or slogan and given away to promote a company, organization, product, service, achievement, or event. They were one of the first promotional products distributorships to offer a total online solution allowing customers to view, order, and customize their orders entirely online, so it was crucial for them to find a reliable chat solution to enable their customer service team for excellent support they were dedicated to. “You’ve only got a few seconds to make a positive impression on the customer, so a reliable chat experience is crucial”, said Bret Bonnet, the President of the company.

The Challenges

Initially the company tested several live chat providers before making a choice. They were highly dedicated to creating a great experience for their clients, requiring each of their products representatives to complete a minimum of 200 hours of industry training. Their main challenge in searching for the right software solution was to find a reliable product, which would support and prove their professional attitude and help to build trust with customers. They found Provide Support product highly reliable and rock solid.

"Ease of use and implementation is why we originally selected Provide Support 10 years ago. It works for both us and our customers 100% of the time and that’s what matters most. A product can have all the bells and whistles, but if it doesn’t work 100% of the time, what good is it?"

Another reason they started searching for a live chat provider was, they found that their customers expected live chat functionality to be available on the website, and so it would have been not only a failure at meeting customer expectations, but also a missed opportunity not to offer it.


The president of the company admitted that adding live chat functionality to their website has made a huge difference to their business. It provided additional lead and revenue opportunities. Web chats converting second only to phone calls allowed the company to boost their sales significantly, even though it took them longer than expected to maximize the channel.

"Live chat customers expect instant gratification and responses. They expect this even more than during phone calls as there is not an opportunity for “filler” between requests during a live chat session."

Live chat allowed the company to expand their customer service best practices, which meant going beyond canned replies and instead read into each situation as it occurred. Live chat enabled them to provide the most helpful answer to customers at different stages from the beginning of researching promotional products or asking very specific questions about an item.

Quality Logo Products asserted that their customers really appreciated having someone who could immediately walk them through a question or sale if they felt confused or frustrated.

Some customers also enjoyed the privacy that live chat offered, as in this age digital communication is often preferred to traditional forms of contact such as the telephone.

"For us, customer satisfaction means giving much more than expected with our top-notch customer service. Our goal is always to provide warm, personalized help thorough our entire customer’s shopping experience, and having live chat helps us accomplish that. Being available at the click of a button allows us to turn customer pain points into sales opportunities while also creating an overall positive interaction."

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